Our Mission

Traders Textbook brings affordable financial market education to everyone in order to help people take control of their financial futures, achieve their aspirations and reach their full potential as a skilled market participant.

Who We Are

Traders Textbook is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone with an interest in the financial markets learn how to participate by using proven and established techniques. Our members have access to both online courses of engaging high quality video lessons as well as live in-person training taught by industry experts.

What We Do

Traders Textbook teaches proper principles and tests your knowledge to ensure full understanding of key concepts. Traders Textbook believes in making financial market education cost effective and obtainable by offering courses both online and in person. Our courses are easy to digest with students learning at their own pace and in their own time.

“By better understanding the financial markets and how to interpret price, people can make better informed financial decisions in all areas of their lives.”