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How It Works - The Online Learning Experience

You can access all our online courses HERE. Simply select the course that you want to do and click 'TAKE THIS COURSE' to unlock the course videos. Most of our courses are for free however, if there is a charge for the course the funds would need to clear in our bank account before the course would become available to you.
Traders Textbook provides a number of different ways to learn about the financial markets at your own pace. Traders Textbook offers online video courses HERE, regular webinars HERE, regular classroom courses HERE, 1-on-1 coaching HERE, books HERE and much much more.
Yes – we have a broad range of specific programs designed for each individual trader, depending on their availability, location, time-frames and financial goals. CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs.
We suggest starting with our GETTING STARTED IN TRADING online video course.
In short, no. We are renowned for the ease of use of our technology and trading systems. We have both online courses as well as in-person solutions and even books to make the learning experience simple and suited to how you like to learn.

What To Expect - Trading & Being In Markets

Traders Textbook can help you establish how much to allocate to your trading account based your goals and objectives using a conservative and realistic framework. You can start with as little as ZAR R5000 in your trading account, however trading is a percentages game and therefore the larger your account balance the easier it is to grow consistently while subsequently reducing risk.
Yes. We have specific structures designed for those who work during the day, so you can easily trade either early in the morning before work or in the evenings. Markets around the world are open at different times with FX open 24 hours Monday to Friday. We will show you how to decide which markets are suitable for you, how to leave different orders in the market so if you are not available your trades will still be placed. Likewise, we will also show you how to use mobile applications to monitor your account throughout the day should you wish.
Yes. Without the proper preparation and risk management strategies you can easily lose more money. We focus strongly on managing risk and a good place to start is to watch our RISK MANAGEMENT COURSE - HERE.
Yes. We provide daily trading analysis from leading market experts every morning direct to your phone. You can subscribe for a 30 day trial HERE.
Yes. Traders Textbook not only teaches you how to analyse markets but also how to use the various tools you can use to place your trades. Visit our TRADE DESK and get yourself a demo account HERE.

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